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Commercial Test & Tag Services

Commercial Electrical Solutions

Electrical Inspection, Testing and Tagging

Integrated Group of Companies (IGOC) provides commercial electrical test and tag services to businesses across Queensland. In commercial spaces, equipment, machines and other appliances generally tend to wear down much faster than residential spaces due to the frequent use. Our experienced commercial electricians can assess your electrical items to ensure they are functioning properly, as well as to prevent down-times caused by failing or inoperable equipment. 

Our electricians can save you time and expense by providing high quality, cost-effective and detailed test and tag service in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. Not only can we conduct the testing and tagging for your company using qualified electricians, who draw on experience from working in the electrical industry , but you also have the added benefit of using a licenced electrical contractor who is also able to perform the repairs required to return the asset back to service, minimising any down time.

With experience in repairing industrial machines, we save you the hassle of finding a contractor with the correct skill set to conduct any necessary repairs or replacement work. 

Our Test and Tag Services Include:

  • Testing and tagging
  • Three-phase testing 
  • RCD/Safety Switch testing 
  • Visual and defect report
  • Exit and emergency lights 
  • Other office and commercial equipment test and tagging
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We prioritise the safety and functionality of your electrical equipment to ensure your business can continue to run uninterrupted.

Testing and tagging is done by a registered Electrical Inspector who will examine all visible components on electrical equipment such as wires, plugs and switches. Our inspector will also ensure that any new additions to an existing installation comply with regulations. A final inspection is undertaken before a certificate of compliance is issued for each item.

When an electrical appliance or fitting has been altered or added to, it may need to be re-tested. If any part of an electrical installation becomes faulty or is damaged, this must be repaired immediately so as to maintain safety.

Every appliance, fitting and lighting product used in Queensland homes and businesses must have a certificate showing it has passed inspection by an Electrical Inspector. This regulation exists to ensure electrical items meet Australian Standards.

Let IGOC’s experienced electricians ensure your electrical items function properly and meet all necessary regulations and requirements. Contact us today!

Test and Tag Your Commercial Equipment

All commercial appliances in Australia must comply with strict safety standards to protect against fires and injuries. Businesses in Queensland are required by legislation to have all electrical equipment regularly inspected by an Electrical Inspector if they use it for their own consumption or supply. This includes items used in restaurants, hotels, shops and other businesses.

To ensure that businesses do not buy or sell untested appliances, commercial electrical goods need testing at specific time intervals which depend on the rating of the appliance (how much electricity it uses). Electrical equipment must be tagged and the tag must remain until the appliance is no longer in use and then it needs to be removed by an electrical inspector so it cannot be reused.

When items are regularly maintained and inspected by an Electrical Inspector, there is less chance of risk due to overheating and electrical faults. It is important that people understand the benefits of using approved appliances and lighting products in order to minimize the risk of fire and injury.

All electrical items used in homes and businesses must be approved by a registered inspector before being offered for sale or use in Queensland under The Electricity Act 1992. This includes everything from power points, light globes, ceiling fans, hot water systems through to pool pumps. 

Servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast.

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Additional Commercial Solutions

Repairs, Maintenance, or Installations

If you own, run, or manage a commercial enterprise, hire IGOC for effective electrical solutions:

  • Installing new electrical equipment or repairing existing equipment
  • Repairing or maintaining heating and cooling systems
  • Installing security and fire alarm systems, or electricial components like switches and lights
  • Designing electrical systems or working from existing blueprints
  • Following local, state, and nationwide guidelines for wiring and electrical systems