Car Park Gas Detection

Due to exhaust fumes being emitted from cars and trucks, a majority of car parks are fitted with a ventilation system that extracts these fumes from the car park and out into the atmosphere. The ventilation system usually consists of an air supply and an exhaust fan.

In order to reduce the electricity cost, gas detectors are installed for controlling the fans. Depending on the system installed, the ventilation system can be either switched on or off or the fans can be ramped up or down through a variable speed drive as the concentration of exhaust fumes increases.

With increasing electricity bills we are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and ongoing costs. As per Australian standards, if you have a gas detection system installed in your car park it is not necessary to run the ventilation fans 24/7. By installing a gas monitoring system, not only will you save money on the running costs, but also the maintenance costs associated with the ventilation system are also greatly reduced.

Installing a monitoring system is essential, not only for safety but for reducing operational costs of the property. Most car parks have exhaust fans running continuously all day and night resulting in expensive electricity bills and may conflict with local council bylaws in relation to noise pollution. With a monitoring system in place, fans only run when they are required to – reducing energy bills and environmental impact significantly.

Calibrations:- It is recommended that calibrations are conducted every 6 months in order to maintain the integrity of the system and to also test that the system operates in full autonomous mode without any fault from initial start up to shut down.

Car Park Ventilation System

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