Emergency Light & Testing Services

Why your emergency lighting system is so important.

When it comes to emergency exit and evacuation lighting at your premises we recommend and as per the standards that any emergency evacuation lighting system shall be inspected and maintained in accordance to procedures specified in AS / NZS 2293:2:1995. Inspection and testing procedures shall be carried out at intervals of not greater than six months.

With the possibility of the system rarely put to use, the exit and emergency lighting provides critical illumination of access paths, corridors and staircases in times of crisis and also provides the direction in which a safe evacuation has already been determined.

It is essential that the emergency lights are operating correctly and all luminaires remain illuminated for not less than the required in service duration (90 minutes minimum for existing systems) to remain compliant with the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service & AS/NZS 2293:2:1995
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